Security turnstiles: the solution for pedestrian control

Security turnstiles are often installed at amusement parks, swimming pools, business parks and other places with high foot traffic. A security turnstile is an efficient way to control this pedestrian flow.

Our security turnstiles are available in different formats:

  • Single security turnstile: access for 1 pedestrian
  • Double security turnstile: 2 single security turnstiles next to each other
  • XL security turnstile: access for pedestrians with a shopping trolley or baby carriage
  • XXL security turnstile: provides access to several pedestrians at the same time
  • Single security turnstile with bicycle passage

All our security turnstile are sandblasted, metallized and finished with a thermoset polyester coating in a RAL color of your choice.

Do you have a question about our turnstiles? Don't hesistate to contact us.