Custom-made automatic barriers

Our automatic boom barriers are available in all sizes. The boom barrier arm can be installed in middle, right or left side. Depending on what you need, the automatic boom barrier can be made into a folding arm, have a bottom skirt or a top and bottom skirt attached. There's a suitable boom barrier for every situation.

Control of the boom barrier

The microcontroller, built into our automatic boom barriers, is suitable for various applications and is provided with a magnetic motor protection switch. This control prevents prolonged slippage and ensures a long life of the motor, and therefore the boom barrier. 

The microcontroller of our boom barriers can be connected to other building management or home automation systems with corresponding software. 

Construction and finishing of the boom barrier system

The cabinets of our boom barriers are made with folded and welded steel plates, an access door and a removable cover. The cabinets of our barriers are finished with a thermally hardened epoxy coating. We manufacture the boom barrier arms from strong aluminum. 

If the automatic boom barrier is not used often, e.g. only at night to close, a manual barrier is the best choice.